Dear Guests, Neighbors and Friends,

I like to say that Caruso is first and foremost in the experience business. To us, hospitality is the pleasure one derives from delighting others. Combine that joy with our unbridled imagination, passion for beautiful design and relentless attention to detail, and you get the Caruso® collection.

This commitment to the highest quality has been a proven formula for profitability. Our tenants consistently achieve their strongest national sales in Caruso® developments, while our guests come twice as often and stay three times longer than at traditional shopping centers. This type of success translates into a return on investment that is substantially higher than industry standards. It’s an approach that brings steady and consistent growth while also providing an extraordinary experience.

Because I was not raised in the real estate industry and never intend to sell any of the properties we create, my approach to this business has been a bit different from that of most. I believe it is best to view a project from the guests’ vantage point and to build it for the long term. Only then is it possible to create places that present and future generations will cherish and add long-term value to the surrounding community.

But, what really sets Caruso® apart is how we partner from the very beginning with the community members who become our neighbors. After all, what we craft is as much their vision and source of pride as it is ours. It simply doesn’t make sense to do it any other way. Our ultimate goal is to become part of the fabric of their community and add pleasure to the daily lives of our neighbors. To do that, we listen carefully to their needs and build what they want—never what we think they want.

I also believe in surrounding myself with extremely talented and dedicated professionals. Quite frankly, every member of the Caruso® team is exceptional. Because of their unique talents and commitment, I trust them to exceed the expectations of our guests, tenants and residents, while fulfilling the needs of the community.

And together we create beloved spaces that make wonderful moments for those who visit them. They are destinations where friends and families can live, shop, dine and enjoy quality time together. Building a stronger community is at the core of my beliefs and I feel our projects possess that magical quality–and always will.


Rick J. Caruso
Founder & Executive Chairman, Caruso