There’s something magical about fried chicken. Whether served straight up in a bucket big enough for a picnic or as a hearty main dish to be shared amongst friends at the dinner table, a perfectly realized bit of bird can make for an unbelievable summer indulgence. Luckily, Los Angeles doesn’t shy away from stand out fried chicken options at all levels, and at all price points.

If anything, the city’s need for fried bird has only continued to grow, with names like Dog Haus recently adding a fried chicken sandwich to the menu. There’s the Nashville-style stuff too, heat-laced fried chicken served straight up or as a sandwich, and meant for only the heartiest of heat seekers. It’s all part of the chicken landscape, and it’s all delicious.

3. Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill
The chicken that launched the Bromberg brothers’ empire gets a Japanese spin at Blue Ribbon Sushi, where the crackly matzo-dusted chicken is lightly dusted with shichimi togarashi and served with a wasabi honey sauce.

189 The Grove Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90036