The Farmer’s Market at the Westlake Village Promenade is definitely our new favorite addition to an already spectacular local shopping center! Open from 10am-3pm on Saturdays, head to the Westlake Promenade Farmer’s Market to enjoy local produce, artisan goods, savories and sweets, as well as fun for the whole family! There are always fun events coming up (like a pop-up CycleBar class, or even a petting zoo!) so you’ll want to head here every week to see what’s new.

These were our five favorite farmer’s market finds — what are your’s?

1. Fresh flowers
Our first stop at Vintage Grocers’ flower stand was impressive, to say the least! The knowledgeable staff helped us pick out the makings of a gorgeous bouquet, and gave us tips + tricks on how to arrange the flowers for a centerpiece (as well as how to keep them alive for more than a day!). We grabbed some beautiful blooms, including some eucalyptus that has lasted over 2 months at my house!

2. Local + organic produce
We are already fans of Underwood Family Farms, but got to experience a different side of their farm (rather than trying to herd a toddler around their pumpkin patch!). Their produce was so fresh, and it was impossible to find a “bad” piece in their whole lot. We learned the way to find the best artichoke [the ones with the widest circle on the bottom of the stem will have the biggest heart!] and they helped us pick out some veggies to roast for an upcoming dinner party.

3. Furry friends
Our next stop led us to one of my biggest weaknesses: adorable little pups that are looking for their forever home. Luckily, our husbands were there to ensure that we didn’t all come home with a new puppy, ha! But seriously, PawWorks is such a great organization, placing shelter dogs and cats in great homes. We loved playing with the animals for a while [maybe too long?! 😉 ] before heading to our next stop.

4. Handcrafted + Local Goods
There are so many great local vendors represented at this Farmer’s Market, and we loved running into one of our faves, Chivas Skincare. They make theeee best soaps and lotions from their goats’ milk, as well as other skincare products.

5. Baked Goods
I am obsessed with Paris, and I think 88% of that has to do with visiting boulangeries (French bakeries). I wish I could live off of croissants and bread alone… but alas, back to reality. After taking an absurd amount of time to decide, we each grabbed a delicious pastry, and then of course had to walk away with some more bread. We chose this TO. DIE. FOR. rosemary + kalamata olive bread loaf, as well as some foccaccia rolls. I returned the next weekend to grab more of that bread, as well as some other varieties. SO worth the trip!

Okay, and we know it’s not technically part of the Farmer’s Market, but… we had to make a stop at the new Nike store! This place was huuuuge, and had tons of great gear (hello, leggings and shoes:) as well as helpful employees. So glad to have this new addition in the neighborhood!

We are so glad we stopped by, and have returned several times since! This will quickly become your new favorite place to find local + artisanal goods. See you next Saturday 😉 And don’t forget to let us know about your favorite farmer’s market find in the comments below!


By Local Love 805