Los Angeles, Calif. (October 25, 2019) – Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Caruso announced today the launch of a pioneering initiative that will provide a platform for candidates of the Departments’ Youth Cadet Program with ongoing mentorship and continued opportunity. Entitled ‘Bound for Blue,’ the partnership bridges the gap between when participants graduate from the youth program and when they become eligible to join LAPD at age 21, by providing employment opportunities across Caruso’s portfolio of properties in Los Angeles. This marks the first official partnership between LAPD and a privately held business.


The LAPD Cadet Program is a community-based crime prevention program that aims to empower youths between the ages of 13 to 17 years and maximizes their personal and scholastic potential through providing a safe place to engage in educational, social and life-skills development. Beyond building a pool of future police officer candidates, the program offers hope to children, young adults and their families while building relationships with local law enforcement.


Once participants ‘age out’ of the program they are required to wait a minimum of 3 years before pursuing full-time police work and it is in this period where the force sees significant drop off rate. The introduction of Bound For Blue offers cadets the opportunity for employment as security officers at Caruso where they will gain valuable work experience at one of the city’s most renowned real estate companies while maintaining a relationship with LAPD. With properties spanning the vast geographical footprint of Los Angeles – including world-famous flagship, The Grove and recently opened Palisades Village – Bound for Blue creates an additional pathway for Youth Program participants to become sworn LAPD officers, preparing them with real-world work experience closely associated with law enforcement along the way.


Successful candidates will be assigned an LAPD mentor who will track progress and provide mentorship throughout their employment until they are of age to apply for a position in the LAPD as a police officer.


“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with LAPD,” said Rick Caruso, Founder & CEO of Caruso. “During my time as Commissioner of the Department, I saw the value of high quality, community-focused work and what a positive impact it had on those who were able to experience it.  My hope is that Bound for Blue will broaden the pool of candidates who want to become officers and allow them to be well-rounded and more prepared for the force.”


“The Department welcomes the leadership of Caruso in providing meaningful job opportunities for promising young people as they continue to prepare for becoming members of LAPD,” added Chief of Police Michael R. Moore. “This investment promises to pay huge dividends long into the future, ensuring LAPD has well qualified applicants prepared to take on the responsibilities of becoming a member of this Department.”