Located across the street from one of the country’s most prominent marinas, Waterside at Marina Del Rey has helped spark a rebirth of the coastal neighborhood ever since its 2005 re-opening, by creating a community gathering place that perfectly reflects the area’s casual resort spirit.

Caruso re-imagined an existing 10-acre shopping center as an upscale neighborhood destination, complete with a rose garden, fountain, shaded seating areas and live weekend entertainment, complementing its magnificent waterfront sunsets.

The 133,000-sqaure-foot center features luxury boutiques, gourmet and casual dining restaurants, and essential local services for the community’s young, highly educated and affluent residents. Waterside is also a popular stop for the many Southern Californians who come to visit Marina del Rey regularly. This combination of local and regional support helps drive the property’s ongoing success, highlighted by California Pizza Kitchen’s most profitable single restaurant in the continental United States.

Thanks to its carefully curated tenant mix and inviting ambiance, Waterside at Marina del Rey has enjoyed double-digit year-over-year sales growth since its redevelopment by Caruso in 2005. Such success has spurred subsequent redevelopments in the area, including additional housing that caters to an increasingly younger population.